100ml Amber Glass Bottle with Drop Dispenser
100ml Amber Glass Bottle with Drop Dispenser
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100ml Amber Glass Bottle with Drop Dispenser

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Our amber glass bottle with drop dispenser is ideal for serums, face and body oils, scalp treatments etc. or any occasion where a precise amount of product is required. 

Our bottles are made from thick, quality glass. 

Available individually or in bulk at a discounted price.

Nourishing Scalp Oil

This luxurious blend of plant oils when applied to the scalp helps maintain a healthy scalp and combat hair loss. Containing essential oils of rosemary and cedarwood as well as carrier oils of coconut, sweet almond and jojoba this blend of oils contain vitamins and essential fatty acids to deeply penetrate the hair cuticle and help remove sebum build up and speed up hair growth.

Rosemary essential oil is known to improve hair growth and thickness and improve cell regeneration. Cedarwood essential oil also contributes to hair growth and helps treat dandruff. 

With regular use (once or twice per week) your hair will become thick and full and your scalp free of irritation and deeply hydrated. 


  • 30mls fractionated coconut oil

  • 30mls hemp seed oil

  • 30mls jojoba oil

  • 10 drops of rosemary essential oil

  • 10 drops of cedarwood essential oil

Method: place all ingredients into your bottle and shake to distribute. 

Directions for use: section your hair and apply enough to just cover your scalp. Gently massage into scalp and your hair roots and leave for at least 10-15 mins or overnight. Wash your hair well with shampoo followed by conditioner.