500ml Amber Glass Spray Bottle
500ml Amber Glass Spray Bottle
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500ml Amber Glass Spray Bottle

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Durable and strong, the 500ml trigger spray bottle makes an elegant statement in your home. Great for making your own cleaning products or general household needs. Made from thick, premium quality amber glass. 

*Includes trigger spray

Available individually or in bulk

Lemongrass & Orange Surface Spray

Essential oils are wonderful to use in a variety of cleaning products. They're naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal helping keep germs and mould at bay whilst making your house smell divine without the use of unpleasant smelling artificial fragrances. 

This two ingredient surface spray is comprised of lemongrass and orange essential oils and distilled water, that's it. Lemongrass has a beautiful, uplifting scent and neutralises odours, orange is also a potent essential oil ideal for cleaning and to fragrance the home. 

This surface spray is designed for everyday, basic cleaning but if you're needing something more heavy duty, feel free to add borax, bi-carb soda, vinegar, rubbing alcohol etc. If using borax or bi-carb soda you may need an emulsifier to stop the ingredients from separating. 

I have purposely avoided the use of an emulsifier in this recipe as they can impact the product's cleaning ability, sometimes leaving a sticky or slightly greasy film that can attract dust and is hard to dry off. Besides you don't need it, a simple shake before spraying is all it takes to disperse the oils.


  • 500mls of distilled water
  • 15 drops of lemongrass essential oil
  • 15 drops of orange essential oil

Pop all ingredients into your 500ml bottle and shake before spraying.