Kaolin White Clay
Kaolin White Clay
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Kaolin White Clay

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Kaolin white clay is a naturally occurring substance derived from weathered rocks. Fine and light and silky in texture, kaolin white clay is detoxifying for the skin and it's effective absorbency abilities make it ideal for reducing excess sebum in oily skin types. 

It is the mildest of all clays, therefore ideal for sensitive skin. Used in all kinds of beauty products from deodorants, face masks, soaps etc. kaolin white clay contains a wide range of minerals including calcium, as well as phyto-nutrients, and it's ability to draw out impurities from the skin result in smoother, more refined skin. 

Ideal mixed with water for a face or body mask, or blended with salts for a detoxifying salt bath. Used extensively in all kinds of skin care products. 

Available in various sizes to suit your needs.

100% white kaolin clay sourced in Australia.

Free from toxic chemicals, colours, fragrances and other additives.