15ml Clear Glass Lip Balm Jars
15ml Clear Glass Lip Balm Jars
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15ml Clear Glass Lip Balm Jars

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Our 15ml jars are perfect your DIY lip balms, eye creams etc. Made from thick, durable glass, our jars will keep your homemade formulations protected from deterioration and make a lovely gift for that special someone.

Available individually or in bulk. 

Vanilla Lip Balm

The ratio of oils to butter to wax can make or break a lip balm. Too much wax and it doesn't glide on well and feels heavy rather than silky as it should, but not enough wax and it melts too quickly on your hand and doesn't hold its shape. 

This recipe is tried and tested. The ratio of wax to oil is just right, ensuring your lips feel soft, silky and hydrated without that heavy, waxy feel. Cocoa butter helps to solidify the balm and reduce the need for more beeswax. 

Cocoa and shea butters keep lips well hydrated, preventing chapping, whilst beeswax seals in all the goodness from the jojoba and coconut oils as well as the shea and cocoa butters. Vanilla is optional but makes it taste and smell dreamy. 


  • 2 tbs beeswax
  • 1tbs shea butter
  • 1 tbs cocoa butter
  • 40ml jojoba oil
  • 60ml coconut oil
  • 20 drops vanilla essence
Melt all ingredients except the vanilla in a microwave safe bowl or use a double boiler. Melt in 30 second intervals to ensure you don't overheat the mixture. Add your vanilla and stir to combine. Immediately pour into your 15ml jars.