100ml clear glass bottle with serum pump
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100ml clear glass bottle with serum pump

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Perfect for mixing with essential oils or other ingredients, our 100ml clear glass bottle with serum pump is the ideal solution for lotions, serums, face and body oils etc. 

Made from thick, quality glass, our 100ml clear glass bottle with serum pump, features a serum pump that disperses only a small amount, ensuring no product is wasted. 

Ideal for the DIY skincare enthusiast. Finish off your homemade formula with one of our beautiful reusable labels and place on your bathroom shelf. 

Available individually or in bulk. 


Height: 112mm
Diameter: 44.5
Neck: 18mm
Volume: 100ml

Rosemary & Black Pepper Nourishing Body Oil

This recipe is wonderful to use in winter when you want intense hydration to combat dryness caused by artificial heating. Containing hemp seed oil, olive oil and sweet almond all rich in fatty acids, vitamins and beneficial plant compounds to deliver some serious nourishment to your skin. 

I avoid using hemp seed and olive oil on my face as it's quite strong smelling and a little heavier than almond, coconut or jojoba so I reserve it for my body or scalp only. 

Essential oils of rosemary, black pepper and cedarwood are the perfect scent for a winter oil such as this and further enhance its effectiveness on the skin. 


  • 35mls of hemp seed oil
  • 35mls of olive oil
  • 30mls sweet almond oil
  • 10 drops of rosemary essential oil
  • 10 drops of black pepper essential oil
  • 5 drops of cedarwood essential oil


Combine all ingredients in your 100ml serum bottle and give a little shake to combine. Apply to your entire body regularly after showering and particularly after using a body scrub.