50ml amber glass bottle with serum dispenser
50ml amber glass bottle with serum dispenser
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50ml amber glass bottle with serum dispenser

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A handy little bottle, ideal for the handbag or in the car, for handmade lotions, hand sanitisers, serums etc. 

Comes with serum dispenser and cap

Available individually or in bulk to suit your needs. 

Calming Massage Oil for Baby

Giving your little one regular massages is an effective ritual that helps you bond with your baby and ease any anxiety. Ideal before their nightly sleep, after a bath or any time they need a little comfort.

Containing calming essential oils of lavender, geranium and ylang ylang mixed with sweet almond oil, this massage oil is a beautiful way to bond with your baby. Ensure the oil is a comfortable temperature and gently massage your baby's skin, avoiding their face. Helps soothe baby, encourages connectedness between parent and baby and promotes a restful sleep.


5 drops of lavender essential oil

5 drops of geranium essential oil

5 drops of ylang ylang essential oil

55 mls of sweet almond oil


Place all ingredients into your 50ml serum bottle and shake gently. Pump a few pumps into your palm and warm with your hands before gently massaging baby.