Beans & Legumes Reusable Pantry Labels - One Sheet
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Beans & Legumes Reusable Pantry Labels - One Sheet

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An additional extra to your label collection, our beans & legumes pack covers all the commonly used bean and legume varieties to ensure all your pantry items are labelled and organised. 

Reusable, stain-proof and water-proof, our labels can be easily removed and re-adhered again and again, and will easily withstand any food splatters when properly cared for. Designed to last for many years, our labels are high quality, sustainable and exceptional value for money. 

Pack includes one A4 sheet with 12 labels per sheet of the following labels:

1 x red lentils, 1 x aduki beans, 1 x black beans, 1 x borlotti beans, 1 x green split peas, 1 x navy beans, 1 x chick peas, 1 x french green lentils, 1 x yellow split peas, 1 x pinto beans, 1 x kidney beans, 1 x brown lentils 

A total of 12 labels