Bentonite Clay Powder
Bentonite Clay Powder
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Bentonite Clay Powder

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Our organic food-grade bentonite clay is harvested from Australian sodium bentonite. It's fine, silky texture is wonderfully detoxing and great for the skin. Commonly used in face masks and exfoliators, its high mineral content refines and tones the skin. 

Our bentonite clay can also be taken internally and is great for detoxing the gut and supporting the immune system. 

Warning: The mineral content of bentonite clay can act as an irritant and so should not be applied to the skin more than once a week. 

Do not mix this substance with a metal spoon or store in a metal container. Always use wood, glass or ceramic products for mixing and storing. 

Available in two sizes to suit your needs.

100% Australian bentonite clay

Food standards Australia compliant. Free from chemicals, colours, fragrances and preservatives and other additives.