Sweet Almond Oil
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Sweet Almond Oil

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Almond oil has been used for centuries in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It's high in vitamins E, D and A and rich in essential fatty acids, protein and other nutrients. Its mild odour and light texture make it ideal as a carrier oil for essential oils and a great all-rounder for various skin types, particularly sensitive skin.  Almond oil is a light oil that absorbs quickly, leaving skin nourished but not overly oily. It also protects skin against uv damage. Great as an oil cleanser as it gently removes excess oil from pores and can be used for the face and body.Soothing for inflamed skin, reduces redness and helps with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis etc.  Available in three sizes to suit your needs.
100% refined, cold-pressed sweet almond oil sourced from the US.